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Applications for membership in The Rhinoplasty Society (RS) will be considered only when all of the items listed below have been received by the Executive Office. There is a three-year limit on open application files. Membership Sponsor Forms should be sent directly to the attention of the Executive Director by their authors.


1. Membership Sponsor Forms completed by two Active or Emeritus Members of The Rhinoplasty Society who are neither partners nor associates.

2. The completed application form. (Please type). Please be as specific as possible. Additional information may be included on secondary sheets of paper as needed.

3. A copy of your current Curriculum Vitae including a list of your publications and presentations.

4. A copy of your Operative Log for the preceding twenty-four (24) months highlighting all rhinoplasties and nasal reconstructions, and summarized on the form provided.

5. A clear copy of certificates of one of the following:

a. ASPS membership (Active)

b. AAOHNS membership

c. Membership in equivalent foreign national society

6. Notation on your application form of a Rhinoplasty Society annual meeting you have previously attended.*

7. A non-refundable membership application fee of $250.00 made payable to: The Rhinoplasty Society.


All application materials must be received by the Executive Office by January 1 for the applicant to be considered for admission to membership at the Annual Meeting in the spring of that year. Applications received after January 1, will be considered for admission the following year.

*Annual Meeting Attendance: It is a requirement of TRS that individuals applying for membership must attend an Annual Meeting before they are considered for membership or be present at the meeting they are being voted on.

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