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Primary Rhinoplasty Eighteen Months After Surgery

This is a 23-year-old woman who was unhappy about the excessive bump on her profile. In addition, the tip was too long and somewhat droopy on smiling. It was also moderately uneven and slightly bulbous from the front. She wanted a very natural appearance, avoiding any evidence of a scooped out bridge or a short, elevated, pinched tip.

Procedure: The entire surgery was carried out as a closed approach through the inside of the nostrils. Sutures and small, delicate grafts of cartilage were used to permanently sculpt the tip of the nose and give it support.

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Featured Case 2

This young man had a number of different significant deformities of his nose that he was unhappy about.

He had a large bump, the tip was extremely uneven and long. The bridge was also very crooked. In addition, he had a deviated septum with breathing problems. The after pictures show a near complete resolution of his concerns.

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