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Scientific Program

Scientific Program

The Rhinoplasty Society Annual Meeting 2020
Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, April 23, 2020

Scientific Program Chairman – Sam P. Most, M.D.

Program Room – South Pacific G&H, North Convention Center
Exhibit Room – South Pacific I&J, North Convention Center

7:00-7:50am Breakfast in Exhibit Room
7:50-8:00am Welcome – Jay Calvert, M.D., President
Resident Paper Competition – Moderator – Joe Gryskiewicz, M.D.
8:00-8:05am Multimodal Analgesic Protocol to Minimize Opiate Requirements after Septorhinoplasty – Bradley R. Hall, M.D., Omaha, NE
8:05-8:10am Achieving Consistent Alar Contour Aesthetics in Primary Rhinoplasty: The Use of Finesse Alar Contour Grafts – Ira Savetsky, M.D., Dallas, TX
8:10-8:15am A Systematic Analysis of Surgical Interventions for Unilateral Cleft Lip Nasal Deformities – Rose Tillis, M.D., Durhan, NC
8:15-8:20am Profileplasty: Profile Management Algorithm for Rhinoplasty Patients – Navid Pourtaheri, M.D., New Haven, CT
8:20-8:25am Modified Septal Extension Graft vs. Columellar Strut Graft: A Comparison of Anatomic Facial Changes in Tip Projection and Tip Rotation – Yash Avashia, M.D., Dallas, TX
8:25-8:40am Discussion / Discussant: Jason Roostaeian, MD
8:40-8:45am Emotional Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Rhinoplasty in Social Media – Heather Levites M.D., Durham, NC
8:45-8:50am Nasal Obstruction and Rhinoplasty: A Focused Literature Review – Katherine Grunzweig, M.D., Cleveland, OH
8:50-8:55am Computerized vs. Traditional Anthropometry in Rhinoplasty Planning – Jeffrey Lisiecki, M.D., Ann Arbor, MI
8:55-9:00am Treatment of Postoperative Supratip Fullness with 5-Fluorouracil in Combination with Triamcinolone: A 50-Patient Comparative Study – Alfredo Lloreda, M.D., Weston, FL
9:00-9:05am Anatomical Study of the Articulated Alar Rim Graft in Rhinoplasty and its Clinical Application – Ananda Cantolino, M.D., Salvador, Bahia-Brazil
9:05-9:20am Discussion / Discussant: Derek Steinbacher, MD
Abstracts Moderator: – Ashkan Ghavami, M.D.
9:20-9:27am Assessment of Wellbeing and Anxiety-Related Disorders in those Seeking Rhinoplasty: A Crowdsourcing Based Study – Orr Shauly, MedStudent, Los Angeles, CA
9:27-9:34am Scanning for Rhinoplasty at the Fingertips of Surgeons and Patients: Validation of iPhone X 3D Scanner – Hayeem Rudy, MedStudent, Bronx, NY
9:34-9:41am The Cartilage-Only Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty: Combining Ostectomy and High Septal Strip Removal for the Reduction of Small Dorsal Humps – Aaron Kosins, M.D., Newport Beach, CA
9:41-9:48am Costal Spring Graft for Correction of Late Cleft Lip Nose Deformity (New Technique) – Onur Erol, M.D., Istanbul, Turkey
9:48-10:03am Discussion / Discussant: R. Laurence Berkowitz, M.D.
10:03-10:33am Refreshment Break – Exhibitor Visit
10:33-11:01am Panel 1 – Controlling The Nasal Tip Tripod for Nasal Tip Projection
Moderator: Larry Berkowitz, MD.
10:33-10:40am – Ali Sajjadian, M.D. (Septal Extension Graft)
10:40-10:47am – Rod Rohrich, M.D. (Columellar Strut)
10:47-10:54am – Jeffrey Marcus, M.D. (Ligamentous Suspension: Crural Suturing)
10:54-11:01am – Bahman Guyuron, M.D. (Tip Graft)
11:01-11:15am Panel Discussion / Discussant: Sam Most, M.D.
Abstracts Moderator – David Bray, Jr., M.D.
11:15-11:22am The Impact of Alar Flare Reduction Goes Beyond Just the Ala – Alexandra Gordon, M.D., New York, NY
11:22-11:29am The Application of 3D Printed Surgical Guides in Approaching Ideal Nasal Tip Position in Rhinoplasty – Jillian Schreiber, M.D., Bronx, NY
11:29-11:36am Alar Preservation: 24-Year Experience – Arturo Regalado-Briz, M.D., San Pedro Mexico
11:36-11:43am Functional Outcomes Following Revisional Functional Rhinoplasty with an Absorbable Lateral Nasal Implant (Latera) – Nargiz Seyidova, MedStudent – Boston, MA
11:43-11:58am Discussion / Discussant: Jeffrey Marcus, MD.
11:58-12:28pm President’s Address – Jay Calvert, M.D.
12:30-2:00pm Lunch / Exhibitor Visit
Members/Applicants Business Meeting – South Pacific Room D
Non-members/Residents in Exhibit Room – South Pacific Room I&J
2:00-2:38pm Panel 2 – Dorsal Preservation versus Resection in Hump Reduction
2:00-2:10pm Introduction / Moderator: Sam Most, M.D.
2:10-2:17pm – Aaron Kosins, M.D.
2:17-2:24pm – Jay Calvert, M.D.
2:24-2:31pm – Bahman Guyuron, M.D.
2:31-2:38pm – Jose Carlos Neves, M.D.
2:38-2:48pm Panel Discussion / Discussant: Rod Rohrich, M.D.
2:48-3:16pm Panel 3 – Patient Selection and When to Say No
Moderator: Jay Calvert, M.D.
2:48-2:55pm – Mark Constantian, M.D.
2:55-3:02pm – Ashkan Ghavami, M.D.
3:02-3:09pm – Rod Rohrich, M.D.
3:09-3:16pm – Jonathan Sykes, M.D.
3:16-3:31pm Discussion / Discussant: Rollin Daniel, MD
3:31-4:00pm Refreshment Break – Exhibitor Visit
4:00-4:38pm Panel 4 – Functional Aspects of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
4:00-4:10pm – Introduction / Moderator: Bahman Guyuron, M.D.
4:10-4:17pm – Jeffrey Marcus, M.D. (Spreader Graft versus Spreader Flap)
4:17-4:24pm – George Murrell, M.D. (Turbinates)
4:24-4:31pm – Norman Pastorek, M.D. (Septal surgery in aesthetic rhinoplasty)
4:31-4:38pm – Jamil Ahmad, M.D. (Recurvature of the Lateral Crus)
4:38-4:48pm Discussion / Discussant: Ali Sajjadian, M.D.
4:48-5:18pm President’s Guest Lecturer – Rollin Daniel, M.D. – Rhinoplasty: Learning from Failure
5:18-5:28pm Awards – Moderator: Joe Gryskiewicz, M.D.
~Rollin K. Daniel Resident Paper Competition
~Sam Stal Best Member Paper
5:28-5:43pm ~Lifetime Achievement Award – Rollin K. Daniel, M.D.
5:43-5:48pm Adjourn (Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz – 2020-2021 TRS President)
5:48-6:48pm President’s Reception

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